Salomon Abauat

Blockchain Manager

About Salomon Abauat

Salomon is a business administrator from Colombia who’s spent time working in the luxury world in marketing and sales areas and developing commercialization pathways for a luxury coffee brand to grow and expand. With great social interaction as well as leading capabilities, Salomon has attended and solved every concern a customer has encountered along his career, finding creative solutions. Always eager to be integrated into a team, Salomon has shown unique collaboration skills that aid to the team’s overall positive results as well as efficiency.

Salomon is now entering the Real Estate business to apply his knowledge in financial and sales areas to develop new strategies and create opportunities with new business partners across different countries. Working closely with the CEO at BlokHaus Real Estate + Investments, Salomon aids on the implementation of new technologies to make the sales process of the company more efficient as well as improving client interactions.

Language: English, Español

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