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Introducing BlokHaus

Introducing BlokHaus

“A Look Into the Future of Real Estate”

By BlokHaus Creative Division

While the world was delving into the crisis of the pandemic, Juan Manuel Alvarez sought the chance of the lockdown to study the endless possibilities of technology and its rapid advancement in today’s society. Through this self-educating opportunity, he dedicated himself to being cultivated with FinTech. With seventeen years of practicing and perfecting his craft in real estate to more modern methodologies, Juan designed and fabricated his firm, BlokHaus RE + Investments. As someone who has always been passionate about real estate, Juan knew that the current financial models will soon become outdated. This kindled the idea to modernize the tangibility of assets in real estate by converting them into a digitized form.

The BlokHaus team, which is made up of real estate specialists and creative/innovative associates, are well-versed in providing service. This includes luxury, residential and commercial properties, asset management, and access to Blockchain. We’re localized in the movement of South Beach, Miami, where the beach meets the city. We found affection for our fast-paced environment and it has encouraged us to keep the momentum and apply it onto BlokHaus.

Efficiency is our motive. Through our real estate platform, we implement fintech into real estate services by offering investment opportunities and fractional ownership through security tokens (STs). Our goal is to convert captivating residential and commercial properties into fractionalized shares that are represented by our BlokHaus Realty Tokens; each token is tied to a percentage of the property’s value. By fractionalizing real estate, we can now lower the minimum investment needed to enter the US market and promote financial inclusion. Our knowledge of the industry helps us analyze the market and rental income being generated from the property’s operation to ensure a positive outcome on all investments. In addition to providing great investment opportunities, we are creating liquidity for property owners that would like to tokenize their assets and sell them all over the world. 

We truly believe in the power of crowdfunding and technology; combined we use them to create access and achieve our purpose of democratizing real estate by providing liquidity solutions through asset digitalization.

Blockchain, a now widely spread platform that multiple companies and governments have adopted to increase the security of transactions, has been introduced into BlokHaus. Through this instrument of technology in which tokens are held, we can engage in safe transactions in seconds all over the world seamlessly. This results in a significant increase in liquidity as individuals recognize the value of our ST, making it tradable in secondary markets with far more efficiency. 

In closing, we’ve been able to establish a concrete platform. We’ve invested a tremendous amount of time and energy, emphasizing our intentions every day to attract a directed audience of revitalized creatives and executors. While the nature of cryptocurrency remains intricate and cutting edge, BlokHaus has formulated a solution to invest in real estate through digitized currencies.

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